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Charpy Impact Tester

Jun 23, 2023
Charpy Impact Tester
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We are first in Malaysia, Accredited Calibration for Charphy Impact Tester.

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Jun 23, 2023
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We are excited to share that #gtinstruments has expanding our ISO 17025 scope and also the services to be the leading solution provider and the best application and the after-sales support for material testing equipment in Malaysia.
We are the first in Malaysia has Accredited Calibration with reference to :
1) Extensometer (Contact type only)
-ASTM E83-16 (Type 1)
-ISO 9513: 2012(E)(Type A)
2) Long Travel Extensometer (Contact Type Only)
- ASTM E83-16 (Type 2)
- ISO 9513: 2012(E) (Type 😎
3) Displacement
(for Universal Testing Machine Only)
- ASTM E2309:2020
(for Universal Testing Machine Only
- ASTM E2658:2015
5) Charpy Impact Tester
- ASTM E23-18
- ISO 148-2:2016
6) Linear Dimension 
- ISO 16012:2015
- IEC 60811-1:2001
#totalsolutionlaboratory #gtinstrumentslab #ISOAccreditedcalibrationandtesting

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