Consultancy (ISO 17025:2017)

ISO 17025:2017 Consultancy :
Full program covering all the modules required for successful ISO 17025 accreditation.

Our  long years of experience with ISO 17025 quality management system since the era of  IEC/ISO Guide 25 and subsequently ISO 17025:2005 (and now ISO 17025:2017) has enable us to provide not just consulting but work with you as your partner in ISO 17025 accreditation journey from start to finish.

Our expert consulting brings in very high level of experience and expertise with companies and higher institution across the country in various kinds of laboratories in the testing and calibration field to make your ISO 17025 accreditation project successful

Our ISO 17025 consulting services covers everything you need to get your testing or calibration laboratory ISO 17025:2017 accredited, with specialization in uncertainty of measurement and risk management.

Our ISO 17025 consulting service portfolio covers all the modules required for successful ISO 17025 accreditation as given below:-
  • Gap Analysis :
    We audit your existing laboratory system with the requirements and identify your current level of compliance with various management and technical requirements of ISO 17025:2017 standard. This activity gives us input for rest of the implementation activities and clearly defines work that needs to be completed to achieve compliance to the standard.

  • Training :
    We provide awareness training, implementation training, documentation training, internal auditor training for your employees in the laboratory to ensure effective implementation. We as an ISO 17025 consultants give a lot of importance to training on ISO 17025 for all the employees in the organization.  Our training programme can be conducted at your premises or at our premises depending on your convenience and requirement.

  • Documentation :
    We work very closely with your ISO 17025 management team  to ensure the documentation we design  is simple, sensible, practical and value adding. We strongly refrain from having a document for the sake of having it. We always ensure that the documented system must be useful to the laboratory in improving their overall operational effectiveness and performance efficiency. We work with you for your quality manual, Standard Operating Procedures, forms, checklists, work / test instructions etc.

  • Implementation :
    We provide unmatched insights to your team for effective implementation. This is one of the most differentiating factors for our organization as our own laboratory is accredited for testing and calibration. Our Malaysian Standard accreditation registration number is SAMM 489 (testing & calibration). Our working experience in our laboratory that is accredited to ISO 17025 enables us to provide you with very useful and practical solutions to implementation queries/problems/difficulties faced by the laboratory in the initial phase of implementation. We make ISO 17025 implementation easy, simple, practical and value adding for the organization.

  • Internal Audit :
    Our ISO 17025 consultants will carry our an in-depth audit of the established system to evaluate degree of conformance and improvement opportunities in the established and implemented ISO 17025 standard. Our internal auditors are themselves ISO 17025 assessor and will do justice to the internal audit by identifying the areas that need to be improved   for overall effectiveness to the ISO 17025 standard and compliance. We also provide in-house internal auditor training for the laboratories to create a team of qualified internal auditors.

  • ISO 17025 accreditation audit assistance:
    Our consultants will ensure that your laboratory is totally ready for ISO 17025 accreditation. Be it pre-assessment audit or final assessment audit, our consultants will be with you always to ensure smooth conduct of the audit. Our consultants will also work very closely with your team to ensure that the findings / observations during the accreditation body’s audit are properly addressed and closed.

  • ISO 17025 Improvement Assistance:
    Once your laboratory is accredited by ISO 17025 accreditation body like SAMM/UKAS /SAC etc, depending on your laboratory’s specific requirement, we will work very closely with your team to identify improvement opportunities in the Quality Management System  and ensure continued compliance to the ISO 17025 system so that  the subsequent surveillance and reassessmentcan be completed smoothly.

Contact us now at or to get your test laboratory / calibration laboratory ISO 17025:2017 accredited.

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