Risk Management in Mechanical Testing

Risk Management in Mechanical Testing:
1 day / test (workshop), covering the risk identification and analyses in mechanical testing.

The new 2017 version of ISO 17025 requires the risk management issues to be included. Risk, which is the effect of uncertainty on objectives (a deviation from the expected) can positive and/or negative and is a tool for improvement. A workshop that includes matters pertaining to risk management in mechanical testing will be conducted. The program includes,
  1. Requirements for risk management in ISO 17025:2017

  2. Principles of risk management

  3. Risk assessment,  that includes

    1. risk identification,

    2. risk analysis and

    3. risk evaluation

  4. Control/mitigation of risk

  5. Monitoring and review  risk

The workshop is for a small group of laboratory staff and allows active participation of attendees.

Who Should Attend?

  • Technical and lab personnel needing a good understanding of the risk associated with mechanical testing.
  • Those responsible for laboratory operations, testing, and calibration
  • Personnel who has been assigned as signatories or would be signatories.
Interested with Risk management workshop - Contact us now at email:  support@gtimsb.com or draliasothman@gmail.com.

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