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Risk Management in Mechanical Testing

Risk Management in Mechanical Testing: 1 day / test (workshop), covering the risk identification and analyses in mechanical testing. The new 2017 version of ISO 17025 requires the risk management issues to be included. Risk, which is the effect of uncertainty on objectives (a deviation from the expected) can positive and/or negative and is a tool for improvement. A workshop that includes matters pertaining to risk management in mechanical testing will be conducted. The program includes, Requirements for risk management in ISO 17025:2017 Principles of risk management Risk assessment,  that includes risk identification, risk analysis and risk evaluation Control/mitigation of risk Monitoring and review  risk The workshop is for a small group of laboratory staff and allows active participation of attendees. Who Should Attend? Technical and lab personnel needing a good understanding of the risk associated with mechanical testing. Those responsible for laboratory operations, testing, and calibration Personnel who has been assigned as signatories or would be signatories. Interested with Risk management workshop - Contact us now at email: or read more
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Accredited Testing & Calibration

GT Instrument  Sdn Bhd was initially involved with the supply/sales of test equipment & specialized machinery and  after sales technical support that includes commissioning, services , maintenance and calibration.  As part of our continual improvement and value added services to the industries, in year 2000, we embarked on getting our calibration services accredited to ISO 17025.  We have since expanded our accredited calibration services and our current scope of is as listed below. [Download: Scope of Accreditation] To further enhance our services to the industries, we have added testing as our new ISO 17025 accredited services. Our accredited testing services includes mechanical test for rubber, plastics and composite materials. Field of Calibration : Force Field Instrument Calibrated / Measurement Parameter Range Remarks Tension / Compression Testing Machine (a) Compression mode 100 N to 500 N 1 kN to 5 kN 10 kN to 50 kN 20 kN to 100 kN 100 kN to 500 kN 200 kN to 1000 kN 600 kN to 3000 kN Based on ISO 7500 - 1:2015 (b) Tension 100 N to 500 N 1 kN to 5 kN Based on ISO 7500 - 1:2015 (c) Tension load 10 kN to 50 kN 20 kN to 100 kN ISO 7500 - 1:2015 ISO 7500 - 1:2015 Displacement 1 mm to 500 mm ASTM E2309:2016 Speed 0.1 mm/min to 500 mm/min ASTM E2658:2015 Extensometer (Contact type only) 0.01 mm to 5 mm 5.01 mm to 25 mm 25.01 mm to 50 mm Based on ISO 9513 : 2012 (E) **NOTE: We are able to provide class of machine range as per ISO 7500-1:2018. Scope of Testing : Mechanical Materials / Products Tested Type of Test / Properties Measured / Range of Measurement Standard Test Methods / Equipment / Techniques Rubber & Rubber Products Tensile Properties (Test Method) ISO 37 : 2011 ASTM D412-15a Tensile Properties (Specification - Gloves) EN 455-2 : 2015 ISO 11193-1 : 2008 ISO 10282 : 2014 ASTM D3578-05 (2015) ASTM D6319-10 (2015) ASTM D4679-02 (2015) ASTM D3577-09 (2015) Accelerated Aging and Heat Resistance Test ISO 188 : 2011 Plastics and Plastics Composite Tensile Strength, Yield Strength and Elongation at Break ISO 527-1 : 2012 ASTM D638 : 2014 (Specification - Plastic) ISO 527-2 : 2012 Flexural Strength, Flexural Modulus ASTM D790 : 2015 ISO 178 : 2010 read more
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