PM&C Services Are Available For Your Entire Laboratory Regardless Of Instrument Manufacturer

Tools used to calibrate your instruments at your facility are traceable and certified using industry-wide, internationally-recognized (ISO 17025) standards. The machine is then labelled and documented with a GT Laboratory calibration record. Calibration records for all of your instruments are maintained in GT own database and available to you at any time.

When a calibration site visit is completed, instrument certificates are immediately issued within 1 week for your record by the service technician before he departs from your lab.  Through this system of scheduled maintenance, we can help you to improve productivity.
  • PM&C is on-site preventative maintenance and calibration services, available on a regular schedule, for your test instruments.

  • Available for your entire laboratory, including most instrument manufacturers.

  • A practical, cost-effective way to make sure your instruments maintain proper working performance.

  • All certification is in accordance with the appropriate ASTM, ISO or other applicable standard.

  • Reduce your service costs by having all of your instruments calibrated during one visit.

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